Yamaha 250cc bike is a No-Go for India in 2013

by Paul Joseph on January 7, 2013 · 0 comments

Contrary to the reports circulating in sections of online media about a new Yamaha 250cc bike coming to India this year, Mr. Masaki Asano, Deputy MD of India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. told Indian Motos Blog that there are no plans as such. We had an opportunity to interact with Mr. Asano on the sidelines of Yamaha Female Riding Training (YFRT) program launch in Chennai last week and here is what we asked him. Q: Does Yamaha’s new found focus on scooter market mean that you are not happy with the motorcycle market? A: Scooter market holds very good potential. Many commuter customers have started using scooters. Before, we hadn’t launched scooters and that is why we need to concentrate on scooters but also on motorcyles. We need to develop brand Yamaha. Q: Yamaha’s major presence is felt in 125cc and 150cc segments. What is your take on new segments? A: We don’t have any plans as of now. We have to see the market first and have to listen carefully to what the customer wants. Based on this, if there’s any possibility we will look at the new segment. At the moment, we will concentrate on 125cc to 150cc segment. Q: What about the 100-125 cc segment which is the largest in India? A: Maybe. I think it’s difficult to say now. Every year market demand, market share and market condition changes. Today I may say 150cc segment has potential, next year it may be changed to 125cc or may be 200cc, we don’t know exactly. That is why, based on the customers’ needs, we act. Q: There have been reports about 250cc bike coming to India. What do you have to say about it? A: India is a huge country and huge market…customer needs are completely different. In future if our customer survey says there is demand for 250cc bike, we would consider it. Q: Is there a possibility for the 250cc bike somewhere in 2013? A: No, we don’t have any plans (to launch a 250cc bike in 2013) and we will concentrate on scooters. India Yamaha Motor has sold 35,000 units of Yamaha Ray since its launch in September 2012 and will try to push up the scooters sales this year with South and West India as prime focus markets.

[via Indian Motos Blog]

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